The art of forged cement

The cement we knew until today as a floor base before laying tiles or wood. However, in recent years we have seen the most exeligmeni and perfected form a colored applications indoors and outdoors. The art of trowelled screed is a modern construction method is found in walls, interior and exterior floors, built-in benches as well and the sanitary facilities.

The forged cement is an ecological and natural material which has excellent strength and is completely waterproof. Through the application of a created surface without cracks or cracks, while ensuring the most excellent traction in high mechanical strength, but also in coatings for heating through the floor. Additionally, the correct spreading of the cement with a specific varnish may apofechthoun spots on the surface from dirt, oil or moisture.

In particular, it creates a single forged cement floors and surfaces with much more healthy than the tiles, the joints of which grow germs. It is ideal for renovations as it applies to a very small thickness even on the old floor tiles, marble, etc thanks to strong traction. It is unique for underfloor heating since thanks to its high elasticity, aporoffa contractions - expansions caused by temperature changes without requiring joints. Finally, forged cement available in unlimited colors, has tremendous anti-scratch properties and offers waterproofing.